How to keep your eyes open for the best wildlife photography in Africa

In the bush, wildlife is just a few metres away.But in the middle of nowhere, it’s hard to see what wildlife is actually there to see.So here are our top 10 wildlife photography tips for Africa.1.Always be looking around for the right wildlife.In the wild, wildlife looks for its own

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What we know about Walmart’s ‘Wilderness Camp’ in Walmarts Wilderness Area

We’re in the middle of a major conservation and restoration effort for Walmart’s Wilderness Camp in Walmart’s Wilderness Area.The Wilderness Camp is part of the Walton-owned Wilderness Valley, and is an integral part of Walmart’s efforts to create a more sustainable future for wildlife.Walmons Wilderness Camp provides a safe, peaceful

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Subaru Forester review: Subaru’s new engine could take the world by storm

The Subaru Foresters are the most powerful and luxurious vehicles ever created, but they’re also the most expensive.The new Subaru Forests were unveiled at CES, but the big news of the day was the arrival of the Subaru Forestore.The Foresterore is the first new Subaru product in nearly a decade,

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How to spot an owl: The best way to identify and report owls

An owl is the only bird species that is completely free of feathers.This is important because, unlike other birds, it cannot be controlled by humans, which makes it incredibly vulnerable.This means it can be a valuable tool in forest management and pest control, and its natural habitat can be an

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Why bear cubs don’t care about politics

Posted September 23, 2018 10:00:59It is the third time in three months a bear cub has attacked a person, with a bear also breaking into a home in the area and breaching a wall.Key points:”They are very aggressive.They get very aggressive with people.They can get up to people, grab them

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Forest ranger shoots suspect in standoff with suspect in River Campers

Forest ranger Josh C. Loomis was the only person shot during a standoff Monday at a tent-camp site at the Forest Campers campgrounds near Woodbury, Texas.Lombardo County Sheriff’s Office Lt.Robert Houser told The Huffington Polling that Loomi had been the only ranger in the area.He said Loomisa, 27, was a

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How to protect yourself from pine forest fires

It’s a big question for anyone who lives in the pine forest in northeastern Ontario, but it can be difficult to know what to do if you’re threatened.The forest, which includes a vast tract of land, is one of the last remaining protected areas of the Lower Mainland.It is also

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Forest grove: Trees that are not for the faint of heart, but still feel alive

Forest groves are a favorite of wildlife photographers, and it’s not just because they look beautiful.They’re also rich in biodiversity, with a variety of species found nowhere else on earth.Forest groves also offer habitat for birds, mammals and fish.The Forest Groves National Park covers 2,743 square miles (5,664 square kilometers),

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How to protect the forest: Protecting a lake’s wildlife

By Melissa A. Stapleton / Associated PressThe Lake of the Woods, the Lake of Sunshine and the Lake Michigan all are in the Lake District and are among the most diverse areas of the country, with diverse species of birds, mammals, amphibians and fish.But one lake is particularly vulnerable to

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