The most beautiful forest in the world

In the middle of the Sahara desert, a lush forest in Morocco has become a UNESCO World Heritage site.

The National Park Service says the “elegant and spectacular” landscape was created by an extinct species of forest beetle.

The Forest of the Desert in the Al Gharbi region has been a UNESCO site since the 1930s.

Its significance is based on its unique combination of forests and rainforests, as well as the fact that it is the only forest of its kind in the Sahara.

A forest in its natural state The forest was created as a result of a series of species of tree that had disappeared in the last few hundred years.

This included a species of desert beetle, the forest beetle (P.


In its natural form, the beetle does not attack trees and does not harm them.

But in the late 19th century it changed from being a pest to a beneficial species of insect that could survive in conditions where other insects were unable to.

This meant it was now the main predator of many species of trees, including pine, elm, cypress, ash and beech.

It also helped to protect many areas of the desert.

The beetle was able to survive in desert conditions, and it became an important pest to the animals that depended on them.

Its habitat was also a source of food for desert animals.

But this was only part of its success.

In the mid-19th century, the Desert Forestry Society (DFS) of the French National Forest (FRN) in France began to receive reports from the French desert that a particular species of beetle had become infested with the desert’s many insects.

This species of the forest was called the Desert Forest beetle (A.


It had been introduced to the FRN from the UK by a Dutch company.

The beetles would lay their eggs in the wood of trees in the forest and, by day, lay their nests.

The babies would hatch in the autumn, and after a few weeks, the adults would emerge and feed on the young.

This was the first time that the beetles had successfully attacked trees in a way that they could successfully feed on their young.

In response to these reports, the DFS started collecting data from the desert in the early 1950s.

The DFS found that the beetle was very aggressive towards the trees that it was feeding on, and its eggs were eating up much of the vegetation.

It was also causing extensive damage to the vegetation of the forests.

This caused the forests to grow slowly, and the forests were losing their character.

In addition, the beetles were causing massive damage to other species of animals that were also being fed on by the insects.

As a result, the Forest of The Desert was declared a World Heritage Site in 1979.

In 2005, the European Union established a European Convention on Forest Biosecurity to protect this iconic desert forest.

The forest had been listed as a World Conservation Site in 1994, and in 2003 it was included in UNESCO’s World Heritage List of World Heritage Sites.

Since then, it has been protected by several national and international conventions.

Its existence has also been recognised by the World Wildlife Fund.

The forests surrounding the forest are extremely rare and very important, and they represent an important part of Morocco’s biodiversity.

They have provided a vital resource for many different wildlife species and for the local inhabitants.

The main source of income in the area is the forest’s water source, the arid desert.

However, the forests have also played a vital role in supporting agriculture, for example by providing fodder and forage for the animals and for human settlements.

It is also important to note that the forests are not a natural barrier to tourism.

The arid environment is rich in natural resources such as minerals, peat and limestone, which have been mined for many centuries.

The Moroccan Government has developed plans to exploit the forest resources for the development of agriculture, tourism and tourism accommodation.


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