Keew Forest School in Queensland will lose funding after its funding is axed

A new Queensland Government school is expected to be axed after funding is cut, with Keew Forestry School on the chopping block.

Key points:Keew Forest is a private school in the Queensland bush, but receives government funding for land management and other activitiesForest Ridge is the only school in Queensland that receives federal fundingForest Ridge has received $3.8 million of federal funding since 2008, but the Government is expected take more with no guarantee of return for the remainderThe decision to cut funding will be announced on Monday, when Keew will be closed to the public for a period of up to six weeks due to its “inadequate” quality.

“The Keew School is a privately-run private school and has been operating in Queensland since 1872,” the Queensland Government said in a statement on Monday.

“Its funding was reduced by approximately $3 million over the last 12 months.”

Due to the significant decline in enrolment due to the Government’s budget cuts, Keew’s future has been seriously questioned and the Government intends to make a number of changes in order to ensure the viability of Keew as a school.

“The Keeler River, a popular tourist destination, will become a wildlife sanctuary and wildlife rehabilitation area.”

While it is difficult to speculate on what the future holds for Keew, we do know that the Keelers are an important part of the local tourism industry,” the statement said.”

It is a sad day for Keeleri, the Keewers and the Keels.

“Keew Forestry is a non-sectarian school, which means the children attend classes on a shared campus.”

This school is a unique example of the importance of collaboration between schools in a rural community,” the Government said.

The Queensland Government has previously said the state’s economy could lose $7.7 billion over the next 10 years as a result of its cuts to federal funding.



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