Subaru Forester models with LED headlights can see light from up to 6,000 feet away in rain forest

Subaru’s Forester is a compact car that can see up to 60 degrees in rainforest.

And its LED headlights are capable of lighting up up to 700 feet away.

That’s pretty impressive.

The company says the technology is called “Forester Vision” and it uses a special lens on the side of the vehicle to direct the headlights towards the ground.

That makes the headlights “visible and responsive to the ambient environment.”

Subaru says the new technology was developed with “an eye toward improving the quality of life for the Forester’s owner.”

In addition to the LEDs, the Foresters have a wide range of other features.

The Forester has a full-color sunroof, LED taillights, a heated steering wheel and a rearview camera.

The car comes with a pair of 16-inch LED taills.

Subaru says that the rearview mirror can be used to adjust the visibility of the headlights.

The rear-view camera has a built-in night-vision camera that can “show you what’s behind you and what’s in front of you,” Subaru says.

The new headlights come standard with an active rear parking sensor that will alert drivers when they’re parking in a parking spot.

Subaru also said the Foresters will be available in a “wide range of trim levels” for both buyers and dealers.

In a statement, Subaru said the new lighting technology is “the most advanced in the world.”

But there are a few caveats.

Subaru said that the company has not yet tested the Forests in the rain.

And Subaru said it has not been able to make sure the LEDs are working properly, but that it “is working closely with the Environmental Protection Agency to evaluate the technology.”

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