The biggest news from the tech world this week

By Andrew CunninghamPublished Aug 13, 2020 15:00:00A few days ago, I tweeted out that I would be at the Black Forest Ham Festival in Oregon, one of the biggest tech conferences in the US.

I was not alone.

A tweet from an unnamed source went viral, receiving thousands of retweets, and was then picked up by other sources including TechCrunch and Forbes.

It was quickly picked up and shared by a number of tech writers and media outlets.

As of now, I am not going to comment on the specifics of the story because, for me, it’s still in the early stages of publishing.

The details of the case are still being discussed, so I will not go into details about what happened.

But I will say this: The information in the tweet that I shared is not what I expected.

I’ve been reporting on the story for a few months now.

In those early months, I had been hearing that a man named Matthew “Matt” Houser had been arrested in a domestic dispute that resulted in the death of his wife and their two daughters.

He has not been charged with any crimes, but has been accused of assaulting his wife in the garage of their home in California, a felony charge that could result in 10 years in prison.

The case is currently under investigation, and Housers has been released on $1.4 million bail.

Housestar has denied all of the allegations against him, and has said he is innocent of the charges.

But I wanted to dig deeper.

I wanted details about how this man, who I’ve spoken to over the past several months, ended up in the custody of the police and the justice system, and the fact that he is being held in a jail in California for allegedly violating domestic violence laws.

I wanted to know if the law was really on his side, and if his case would stand up in court.

I was also curious about the conditions inside the custody facility where Housing is being kept, and what was the conditions like for the women in his life?

So, I decided to write a piece for the blog, and then I got in touch with Matt Housermann, the former CEO of the Black Hills Mountain Resort in Nevada, who was arrested by Nevada’s sheriff’s deputies on domestic violence charges earlier this month.

Houser was the subject of a recent piece for TechCrunch, and we talked about his arrest at length, and his arrest in Nevada.

He did not provide any details about the charges he is facing, and he declined to comment for this story.

But in a follow-up interview with me on the phone, he told me that he was not a member of any domestic violence groups, and that the people he had been speaking with at the resort were aware of his situation.

He said that his wife, the daughter and two of his young sons were in his custody and that they were not involved in any domestic issues, and they were very cooperative.

I asked if there were any concerns about his health and well-being, and when he responded that he had a concussion and had been taken off his medication, I asked him what kind of medication he was taking.

He said that he took two tablets of Ambien.

When I asked whether he was aware that his bail had been revoked by the Nevada Supreme Court, he said that “it was my understanding that the Nevada Attorney General had given the order, and I was aware of it.”

He also explained that the family had “very close ties” with the resort and had taken the necessary precautions to keep their personal information private.

Hosier did not elaborate on what precautions the family took.

The Black Hills resort is a $6.4 billion property, and its main attraction is the Black Mountain, which sits atop the Black Mountains, a mountain range that stretches about 200 miles from the desert eastward through southern Nevada and Arizona.

It is a popular destination for backpackers and other outdoorsmen.

In Nevada, Housertom had his security clearance revoked by his Nevada state representative, who also served as his primary lawyer.

In Nevada, anyone who is found guilty of a misdemeanor, such as domestic violence, can face up to two years in jail and a $500 fine.

Houses in Nevada are supposed to be “secure,” which means that the owners of the property are supposed forgo their legal rights to sue, and can be forced to vacate their premises if they cannot pay rent.

Hosier said that the Black Range property had been “very quiet” and that he and his family “never had any problems.”

He said the family moved into the property in January.

Hosesers wife was in the process of moving out of the state when she was arrested, but Housermans wife was not, and she was released on bail on Wednesday.

I reached out to Housier to get his


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