What you need to know about the Indiana forest hill storms

The Indiana forest has been battered by storms this week, and one area in particular has been particularly hard hit.

As of Monday morning, the Indiana National Forests office had issued more than 2,700 storm alerts and issued 3,800 warnings.

More than 4,500 people have been issued flood advisories in the Indiana Forest.

The storm warnings were issued to protect against flooding and power outages as well as hazardous road conditions.

Many people were stuck in their homes for several days while they waited for power to be restored.

The state is looking at ways to help people.


Eric Holcomb said he wanted to remind people to follow all evacuation instructions.

He said some of those people were “very vulnerable.”

“There is no place for that type of disregard for human life,” Holcomb told reporters on Monday.

There was no immediate word on the cause of the tree-related tree damage.

The National Weather Service said the tree damage was the result of a “large” storm surge, which was not a direct result of the trees falling, but instead caused by the tree being pushed up onto the ridge.

It was a slow and very powerful storm surge that created this area of severe damage, which is why there were no immediate reports of damage, said the weather service.

We will be monitoring this situation closely and will work closely with the state’s Department of Natural Resources, the Forest Service, and other agencies to provide any necessary assistance and assistance,” said Scott DeSantis, a meteorologist with the National Weather Services.

People were stuck for hours in their cars and homes until crews arrived and restored power.

Indiana is the only state in the U.S. that has not issued an evacuation advisory for the Indiana forests.

The Indiana National Forest is home to some of the oldest and most pristine stands of evergreens in the nation, including a rare forest of red maple, oak, and red oak trees.

The trees are the remnants of a forest that was once inhabited by the first people to reach the Great Lakes.

In 1892, a storm surge of 5.5 feet caused the destruction of the Great Lake, killing thousands of people.

Today, only one in 10,000 of the world’s oldest living trees remain.

About 50,000 trees were uprooted and nearly all of them were destroyed.

The tree-damaged area is in the southeastern part of the forest.

The forest sits on an area of roughly 1.6 million acres, the largest in Indiana.

Some of the most recent storm damage is in western Indiana, with trees in the northwest section of the state destroyed, and trees in northern Indiana.

The Indiana Forest is a national monument, and a federal advisory was issued on Monday to protect the state forest.


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