How to save a tropical forest: the Santa’s enchanted Forest

Posted December 04, 2009 14:23:08The forest, once the world’s largest, is in serious trouble.

The world’s second-largest forest is being cut down at a staggering rate, and the damage is spreading far and wide.

A growing number of forest managers are seeing the destruction of their tropical forests as a threat to their livelihoods, their livelihood in the form of tourism, and even to their health.

The problem has prompted a growing number to speak out and demand an end to the destruction.

Forestry minister and former environment minister Chris Hartcher has been the face of the movement, with a string of successful petitions, a major conference, and several major forest victories.

But the minister has also been dogged by questions about his background and the way in which he has handled the issue of deforestation.

“There’s no question that my background and experience is a major factor in my decision to be the minister of forest resources,” he said.

“I was brought up in a family of people who grew tobacco, cotton, and almonds and were very traditional farmers, and I know what it’s like to work with land, with water, and with the elements.”

Hartcher is no stranger to controversy.

He once described the state of the environment as a “crisis,” and he’s been under fire over the years over his handling of the problem.

In 2010, he was accused of being a liar and was forced to resign from his cabinet position.

And last month, he admitted that the minister’s office had failed to properly investigate allegations of a breach of forest policy.

While Hartcher said the minister was “absolutely committed” to forest protection, the minister defended the way he had handled the situation.

“When we first got into the situation, we were very focused on getting our operations and our operations were on the track of getting off the ground,” he told the ABC’s AM program.

“It was really a case of the minister having to work within the context of the context.”

Hartcher said he would like to see the issue addressed.

“There is so much more that needs to be done.

There needs to continue to be more information sharing and more education and information sharing,” he added.

A number of states, including Tasmania, have started implementing a new forest management strategy that sets out the forest management policies for the coming year, which are expected to make the issue much more complex.

Hartcheff also faced criticism after the minister publicly called the plight of native forest dwellers “tragic”.

“They were being uprooted from their traditional homes, and it was a devastating experience for them,” he later told the National Press Club.

“They’ve now moved on to other things, and they are still living in their homes, but they are not living in traditional conditions.”

I would like the minister to understand that.

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