How to save the largest wildflowers in the western United States

shawneaflowers national forest: 1.

Cut back on water usage.2.

Remove invasive species from the landscape.3.

Protect the environment.4.

Get rid of pesticides.5.

Reduce the amount of fuel needed for cars and trucks.6.

Cut down on the amount people need to fuel their homes.7.

Replace all the tires on your car with rubber ones.8.

Stop smoking.9.

Make your house a home away from home.10.

Learn how to care for your own animals.11.

Learn the benefits of using organic foods.12.

Learn to make a compost bin in your backyard.13.

Reduce your water usage and waste.14.

Use your phone for things other than reading.15.

Learn about the importance of water conservation and sustainability.16.

Learn all about using natural gas to power your home.17.

Learn more about the environmental impact of your home building and landscaping.18.

Get more information on how to build a treehouse.19.

Learn what it takes to be a tree house pioneer.20.

Learn why trees are the most sustainable thing you can grow.21.

Learn that a tree is actually an insect.22.

Find out how to make your own compost.23.

Learn your neighbor’s story about how a tree was saved from an arsonist.24.

Find more about how trees are important for wildlife and the environment25.

Find information on your local tree tree.26.

Learn something new about the way that your house is made.27.

Learn an important new word.28.

Discover some new things to do on your trip to the beach.29.

Learn a new song.30.

Find the next best thing to do in your neighborhood.31.

Explore some new outdoor experiences.32.

Learn some more about your favorite movie or show.33.

Discover the newest and most exciting way to get away from the house.34.

Find a local artist who makes some cool prints.35.

Discover a new way to decorate your home in a unique way.36.

Learn which plants are best for your family and friends.37.

Discover how to use some new and different gardening tools.38.

Learn new ways to protect and care for the environment in your community.39.

Learn where to go to learn more about natural areas.40.

Discover what to do with your leftover trash.41.

Learn another important word.42.

Learn everything you need to know about how to do something useful for others.


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