When I saw a forest river in Arizona, I thought, What the heck is this?

When I was in my 20s, I stumbled across an abandoned mine shaft, a remote mountain ridge, and a forest that was in a state of complete chaos.

I had never been to Arizona, but my dad had been to California for a summer, and he had been visiting a few times with me.

We had been hiking, fishing, and camping in the Mojave Desert when the trip started.

It was early February, and the sun was shining and the sky was clear.

I was at the top of a hill overlooking the Arizona River, and I had been standing there for several minutes when I heard a rustling sound.

I couldn’t see who it was, but as I was turning around, I saw an old man standing there.

I don’t remember much of what happened, but when I saw him, I knew he was dead.

I grabbed my father’s coat and walked out into the valley to look for him.

When I reached the river, I could barely breathe.

The river was so wide that I couldn’t even make out what the water was like.

I ran across the river and started running back to where I’d come from.

I could hear the man’s voice.

It sounded like someone calling his name.

As I ran back, the voice started yelling.

I turned around and saw the body of my dad, lying in the river.

He was covered in dust, his hands were wrapped around a tree stump.

It’s the kind of thing you’d expect a miner to be buried in.

He’d been digging for copper, which is used to make copper-based tools, when he was killed.

It took me a long time to process the fact that he had died.

I’d been looking for him all day.

After a while, I decided to go see what was going on.

It wasn’t a very long drive.

My dad was still alive, and his body had been found in a shallow, shallow ditch.

I thought it was weird to see him in such a terrible state, but it wasn’t.

I started walking down the river with my father, who was covered with dirt and mud.

It just happened to be my favorite spot to visit, so I started following him.

I wasn’t sure what was happening at first.

I kept running into strange people, and they would often try to help me, and when I couldn`t help them, they would start yelling.

At one point, I noticed a couple of them were wearing sunglasses and that was really strange.

At first, I didn’t think anything of it.

Then, a couple weeks later, a woman walked up to me and said that she was in the mine.

She told me that they had been digging and that she saw a body floating on the river that morning.

I told her I was sure he was there.

The next morning, I went to the mine, and there was my dad’s body on the floor, wrapped in a blanket, his face covered in dirt.

It`s not unusual for people to go into the mine when there`s a body on there, but I don`t think they did it in my dad`s case.

When they came back from the day that my dad died, they cleaned up his body and wrapped it up in a towel and took it to the hospital.

I couldn´t understand what was really happening.

I still don`T understand what happened to my dad.

It made me sad, and then I started to cry.

I felt sad and I thought that was strange, but then I thought about my dad every day.

I`ve never really seen him.

He`s never been buried.

I have a very bad feeling about that.

I had never seen my dad in person before, so that made me very sad.

After about a month, I started going out on trips, and one of the places that I went was to the nearby park.

The place that I started was a park, and it was about a quarter mile from the mine and a half mile from where my dad lived.

At that time, the mine was the largest in the park, so you had to go there a lot.

I ended up visiting the mine about three or four times a year, and at least once, I would get the chance to see my dad face-to-face.

One time, we were at the mine looking for copper and I saw my dad on the other side of the mine entrance.

He came out of the entrance looking sad and disoriented.

When we got to the other entrance, he came out and he was talking about something else, and we saw that he was lying on the ground.

The miner was there, too.

I said to him, `Well, my dad is dead, so what`s happening to him?’

And he said,


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