How a giant snowfall changed the lives of three people from Queensland

Foresters from all over Queensland have been working in the remote parts of the world for more than three decades.

And while they do not always get the support they need, the people they work with often are.

The stories are all too familiar to a lot of people in the Northern Territory.

But in 2016, the region experienced its worst snowfall in more than 30 years, wiping out thousands of hectares of bushland and setting off a wildfire.

It all started when a huge storm swept across the area and dumped about 5mm of snow on the Northern Rivers Reserve in March 2016.

But when the region got home, it was still covered in snow and wind, so foresters in the region were still trying to find a way to get supplies to the affected areas.

“We were on a 24-hour period where we had to be at the remote, remote areas where we were not able to get our workers, because we were going to be in the rain,” said John Burdon, the regional forester in Western Australia.

“The wind was blowing and the wind could have blown right off the land, but it did not, so we had a lot to get done.”

Foresters in Western and Northern Australia have been able to do what they could, but they did not have the supplies needed to deal with the emergency, Burdons work told the ABC.

“It’s not like the resources that you get in the States, where you’re able to take a truck and get everything you need, you don’t get to the remote areas because they have no supplies,” he said.

But what was not lost on some foresters was the impact the snowfall would have on their communities.

“There’s no doubt that if it had been the rain, the winds, the snow and all of that, we could have been in a lot worse situations,” said Bob Laughlin, the forester from the Northern Islands in Western Tasmania.

“You can’t even imagine what a disaster that would have been.”

The devastation of the 2016 Snowfall event has been a lesson to all foresters.

“What happened last year was, as far as we were concerned, we were in the snow,” Mr Burdson said.

“When you’re not in the bush, it’s quite a different experience.”

I think in the Western Australian bush, we’re not as exposed to the weather, and we were able to have some support in the area.

“Forester Bob Liddell says the Snowfall experience has been devastating.

The Snowfall incident was so traumatic, Bob Lidding said he’s never been so sorry for a job.”

The Snowdown experience really was, at the time, a life changing experience for everyone involved,” he told the Western Australia ABC.

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