How to make a beautiful purple forest in a couple of weeks

You don’t need a big backyard to create a beautiful garden.

You just need a few things: a garden plot with enough room for plants, a few pots, and a bit of a backyard.

You’ll need a composting toilet, mulch, and some composting paper.

The goal is to make your garden as green as possible by growing more plants and by using less of the same material.

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Read moreWhat you need to know to create your very own purple forest garden:You need a lot of garden soil (we’re using garden soil here)You’ll need lots of composting material (we use garden paper)A composting bathroomThe composting project is simple: Put a few potting bags or plastic bags in the compost bin, cover it with the garden soil, and let it sit for a couple weeks.

When the compost is done, the bag is put back in the bin and the composted material is put into the compost toilet.

You can start with a small plot of garden ground, but if you want to build up to a big one, it’s best to buy your garden soil from a reputable, certified organic garden supply store.

You don.t have to buy any new garden soil or plant material, though.

You’ll also need a potting toilet, which you can use for growing plants or for mulching.

For our example, we’re using a small ceramic potting bowl that has enough room to put two small plants.

You won’t need any fancy tools for this project, though: Just a couple paper towels, some sandpaper, a piece of cloth, a sharp knife, a toothpick, and the like.

The biggest problem with using a compost toilet for this garden is that it doesn’t provide a nice, clear surface for your plants.

You can make your own compost, but the toilet paper doesn’t seem to be strong enough to hold the soil up.

So, for our purple forest, we used garden paper that was stronger than garden soil.

After you’ve completed your garden project, use your potting or composting bowl to wipe out any dirt and leaves from the garden surface.

We used some garden paper to cover the potting area so that the compost wasn’t getting in the way.

When you’ve finished the pot-wiping process, you can leave the pot in the pot until you’re ready to use it again.

After you’ve done this, you’ll need to take the compost and compost paper and pour them into a pot.

To do this, put some garden soil in a plastic bag or a plastic bucket, and put it in a pot of water.

Pour the pot of soil into the pot, then fill the pot with water and let the soil soak for a while.

The pot will now have a nice smooth, purple surface.

Once the soil is saturated, the soil will start to expand and the plant will start growing.

After about two weeks, you should see plants growing on top of the pot.

You’re now ready to put your first pot into the garden.

We didn’t want to start our purple garden with a very small plot, so we started with a medium-sized plot.

This plot is called the main pot.

This is the one that you’ll use to put the purple plants.

To put the pot into this pot, you need some soil to start with.

We’re using our medium-size pot because it has enough space to put a few plants, but you can also use a large pot if you have a bigger garden.

For this purple forest project, we had a small pot for each of the plants.

Fill the pot about half full with water.

Once it’s full, pour the pot from the side into the main bowl.

The water will be dripping down the sides of the bowl.

If you don’t have a large, deep pot, pour about half the water into a shallow basin.

Fill another half of the basin with the pot you just poured in.

Repeat this process for the remaining pot, until you have about three-quarters of the water in the basin.

Pour that water into the bottom of the main basin.

Once you have all of the soil in the main, you’re done!

When it’s done filling, you may need to put it back in for a few more weeks to let it soak.

After about three weeks, it should look something like this:Now you can add the purple plant back into your garden!

It looks just like the plant in the pictures!

You can use it as a cover, or you can cover it up and use it for mulch.

If it’s a mulch plant, cover the plant with some soil, then plant it next to it.

If your purple tree is too tall, just plant it right next to your purple garden.


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