What you need to know about the Northern Territory’s forest cities

A new report has identified the most polluted cities in the Northern Territories.

The Northern Territory has about 70 cities, with the capital Darwin and Hobart the most populous.

The report is part of the Northern Environment and Climate Change Conference.

The Northern Environment Centre (NECC) at the University of Darwin is the report’s co-author.

He said the research identified the pollution levels because of the city-to-city transmission of carbon dioxide.

“We’ve looked at how the city is affecting the environment,” he said.

Dr Karel van der Linden from the NECC said cities like Darwin and Darwin’s main airport are major emitters of CO2.

“They are the biggest emitters, and they’re the main emitters in Darwin,” he told the ABC.

“There are also other cities in Darwin like Alice Springs and Darwin Port.

If you look at Darwin Port, it’s one of the largest carbon emitters per capita.”

The report also found the emissions were not as bad in Darwin’s north-west and the south-west.

“The main difference between Darwin and other areas is the transport system,” Dr van der Linen said.

“We know that the roads are a major problem for pollution, but we also know that transport systems are the main problem for CO2.”

He said transport systems in Darwin and elsewhere in the region were also responsible for pollution in some parts of the country.

“You see a lot of pollution in the urban areas of Darwin, so it’s very difficult to quantify what that pollution is doing to the environment, because we don’t have that data,” he.

“What we know is that some parts are very polluted in Darwin.

You can see it in the air quality, in the water quality, the noise and you can see the impacts on the health of people in Darwin.”

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