Why is the forest at risk?

It’s not clear why the forest is in trouble.

The forest was built to provide shade for the city of Vancouver.

Now, it’s losing the sun’s warmth.

And the water in the forest, once used for fish, may no longer be as abundant as it once was.

It’s a sad story that is being shared all across Canada.

Dr. Michael Peevey, who directs the Fraser River National Park, said the forest has been at risk for decades.

“It’s been losing the warmth of the sun and its cooling the climate.

The river is cooling, so when it gets cold it freezes,” he said.”

And we’re going to get some rain this year.

But it will be very difficult to make a dent in that, especially because there is a lot of water there.”

He said it’s the most vulnerable forest in Canada, with a lot less oxygen than the surrounding forests.

Dr. Peeves is one of many who have been pushing for a forest fire ban in the province.

“When I first came to the province of British Columbia I had no idea that there was a threat of a forest forest fire in British Columbia.

There was no one who had done a study of it.

It was completely unknown, until I read about it in the paper and I started to do a bit of research,” he told CBC News.”

I think the forest in B.C. is really unique.

It is the largest forest in North America.

There are about 15 million hectares in the region.

And it has been growing for centuries, and it’s in a very precarious state.”‘

A really sad story’The Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) says it was a long time ago when the province first approved a forest burn ban.

It says it’s only now that people are starting to realize the seriousness of the problem.

“The number of forest fires that we see is staggering.

In the last 30 years there have been more than 40,000 fires across Canada,” said Matt Wurth, the FSC’s deputy director.

“In Victoria alone, we’ve seen about 1,600.”

He added that the FSSC has been working to educate the public and get people to pay attention to the issue.

“We’re very concerned that there are some people who are more vulnerable to these fires and are being overlooked,” he explained.

“There are some areas that have very few residents.

They may be isolated from their communities, they may not be well-informed about the forest fire issue.””

And there’s a lack of knowledge, and lack of communication about it, particularly from the public.

So we’re very interested in hearing from the community.”

The Forest Fire Act was passed in 1991 and says forest fires must be at least one metre in height, and at least 200 metres wide.

But many in the Fraser Valley have been concerned about the lack of regulation.

“As we have been losing our forests, there is really no way we can protect the environment,” said Dave Smith, who works for the local forest service.

“And I think that there’s really a need for regulations for this kind of thing.”

Dr. Smith said he was particularly concerned about how a lot more of the land is being cut down.

“That land is not protected in the act, and we know that the forest service is looking at the forestry and the forestry industry for a proposal for this land,” he added.

“So we are just concerned about losing that land and losing it as rapidly as possible.”‘

It’s a really sad situation’For the Fraser Forest Society, the situation is getting worse.

“This is the biggest issue in the area, and the biggest concern is that it’s getting worse,” said Doug Trombetta, the president of the Fraser Forestry Society.

“They’re cutting down the trees to make way for the building.

That’s the worst thing you can do to the forest.”

The Fraser Forest society says the province needs to act quickly to save the forest.

“What we need to do is to go out and stop this,” he says.

“At the moment we don’t have enough money, and no one knows what’s going to happen in the future.”

If we do not act now, this will be a very sad situation for years to come.


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