Ford’s Forester SUV will have forest haven asylum accommodation

Ford’s upcoming Forester crossover SUV will include forest haven accommodation to accommodate asylum seekers, according to the company.

In a video posted on YouTube on Tuesday, the automaker said the Forester will include accommodation to provide for asylum seekers who want to live in Australia but are unable to do so legally because of the country’s border protection laws.

The video, which was uploaded to Ford’s Facebook page, says the Foresters will have a three-bedroom suite in a forest haven and a three bedroom suite in an Australian-style house.

“We want to provide these people with the best of everything and provide them with the highest standard of living possible,” Ford’s head of global human resources, Jason Lefebvre, said in the video.

“That means they can work, they can get their own gym, they have access to a great outdoor experience and they have the opportunity to make the most of their life and have a chance to be with their family.”

Ford says the company will also be “working closely with the Department of Immigration and Border Protection and relevant local authorities to ensure these people have the best possible opportunity to live and work in the communities they wish to live”.

“As you can imagine, our commitment to helping people who want the best for their lives is strong,” Mr Lefemvre said.

“The people who are in this program have already made a positive impact on our business.

The Foresters first went on sale in Australia in 2016. “

They’ve helped us create a better future for our customers, our workers and our community.”

The Foresters first went on sale in Australia in 2016.

It is the third vehicle to be produced in Australia under Ford’s EcoBoost initiative.

Ford says asylum seekers are eligible for up to five months of community detention, and will be offered accommodation if they are granted permanent resident status.


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