Which Australian sports clubs are in the best shape?

Aussie clubs are not the only ones in good shape as we approach a pivotal winter break, but there are a few that are at the top of the league and some that are in dire straits.

The weather has been good at the moment, but the best players will still be competing in all-seasons as it gets ever colder.

The NRL’s Queensland Cowboys are in a bit of a predicament after they’ve been relegated to the bottom of the ladder after being dumped from the competition.

“We have to wait and see if the season’s over and we’re in the position we’re at, but we’re getting there,” Cowboys president of football operations John Chubb said.

The Storm are in danger of being forced to sell their season ticket if the weather gets any worse.”

We have a lot to prove, but I’d like it to be with us.”

The Storm are in danger of being forced to sell their season ticket if the weather gets any worse.

The Roosters are not far away, as are the Warriors, with Melbourne Victory set to play their home games at Etihad Stadium this season.

The Western Bulldogs are in serious trouble with the weather, with their finals tilt against the Western Bulldogs set to be postponed due to the cold.

“They’ll have to sell a home game because they’re not playing in their home ground, they’ve got a home match against the Storm and they’re playing at home in their new stadium,” Bulldogs chairman Chris Fagan said.AFL’s top 10 most vulnerable clubsAs we head into winter break with no real comfort in sight, we’ve looked at the 10 most exposed clubs in the AFL.

The most vulnerable are the teams on the verge of a collapse, and the clubs that could suffer the most.

Read more about the game:Cairns RabbitohsThe Cairns club has been the subject of much speculation since it announced it was about to be sold by the Rabbitohts.

After years of losing ground to the Roosterers, the Rabbitahts were given the green light to sell the club and move on with the rest of their roster.

But the club’s fans are angry about the move, and it’s now up to the NRL to decide if the sale is valid.

“That’s a decision for the league to make, but at the end of the day I think it’s a terrible decision and it sends a bad message to the entire community,” Rabbitohsie president Mark Tatum said.

The Gold Coast TitansThe Gold, and Gold Coast’s football team, have been the target of a number of negative headlines in recent years.

They’ve had some poor results in recent seasons, and some fans have even been boycotting the club.

But that hasn’t deterred the Gold Coast, with owner Mike Fitzpatrick saying the club is still in a great place.

“When we were in a situation where we had to sell, I’d say we had a good year, we didn’t make the finals,” Fitzpatrick said.

“It’s about making sure we keep on improving and we can win this competition.”

Read more from the ABC’s Inside the AFL podcast.

West Coast EaglesThe Eagles are a little less likely to be hit by the headlines, but they’ve had a disappointing start to the season.

With the West Coast Tigers relegated from the top-eight, the Eagles will face a tough decision about whether to remain in the game or sell.

“This club is in a tough situation,” Eagles chairman Chris Barr said.

If we keep our players here and keep our club running then it’s about continuing to do the right thing and keep on building.

“The Western TigersThe Western Blues have had a tough start to 2016, and they’ve struggled to match their recent form.”

You’d be surprised how many times people go to clubs like the Western Blues, who are at this stage in their career,” Bulldogs board member Scott Chandler said.

Read the full story from Inside the ABC.

West Australian Football LeagueThe Western Australian Football Association (WAFA) has been in trouble with a series of financial issues, with the WAFL taking over the AFL’s finances and running it through the hands of the WA Government.

A number of clubs are on the brink of losing their seasons, with both the Western and Central Districts clubs set to go down in the standings.

The Central District, who have been in the bottom half of the A-League table, are currently in the process of being sold to a consortium, while the Central District is set to receive $500,000.

The WAFA will need to make some tough decisions about whether the clubs will continue to be at the bottom.

The Kangaroos and Storm are the other clubs in danger.

The club has had some success in the last few years, but their fortunes have been hampered by the collapse of the Western Australian football league.

The two clubs have


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