How to build a ‘ghost’ cabin in the forest: a simple but useful project

The idea of building a “ghost cabin” has been around for a while.

A couple of years ago, I published a short video showing how to build one.

Since then, I’ve built a number of ghost cabins around the world, including one in the woods of Oregon, Oregon, which I built for my own personal enjoyment.

In this post, I’ll show you how to make your own ghost cabin in a few steps, using the same basic ideas as those I used to build the first one.

In fact, I could make it much simpler to do this project, and it’s not hard to follow the same instructions as those videos.

Here’s how.


Set up your garage 1.1 Fill your garage with dirt and soil.

I used the soil and dirt mix in the video I mentioned above.


Make sure your garage door is open 3.

Find a solid, well-drained area to set up your cabin.

I built mine in a garage.

You can use a parking lot or a field if you can’t find a space.

I’m not sure how much space you’ll need, but you’ll want at least six feet between your cabin and your garage.


Install a piece of plywood on your roof 5.

Build a shelf off the ground.

Make it wide enough to fit a couple of wood planks.


Cut a small piece of wood to fit into the shelf 7.

Cut two planks of wood 8.

Drill a hole for the hole in the roof 9.

Install the wood planker onto the roof 10.

Drill two holes through the planks into the wall.


Put two wood plankers on top of each other, forming a triangular piece of timber 12.

Place the triangular piece in the center of the triangular wood piece.


Secure the planker to the roof using two posts, one inside the other.


Secure all the pieces together with four nails.


Install your cabin door.

This step is a bit tricky.

I had to use two wood screws to secure the planer to the ceiling.

I did this by attaching two wood strips to the planter, and then screwing the roof up to the outside of the planner.

The planer also had to be screwed to the wood, and the roof had to have the two strips screwed into the ceiling, but these were all fairly easy to do. 16.

Place your wood planner on top 16.1 Install your wood plank on top.

It should be at least two feet tall, and you should be able to reach the top of the roof with the planers.

If you want to, you can also use a wooden board. 16


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