A forest rivulet’s worth of memories for a $500,000 house

The wood-paneled home that was to be the new home of the family who lived in the Ranges Creek subdivision in rural Ontario for 15 years is going on sale for $500K, according to a listing on the Canadian Real Estate Association website.

The property at Forest Ridge on the south shore of Lake Ontario has a 3,000-square-foot, two-storey home with an attached garage and 2,800 square feet of ground-floor living space.

The listing for the property, which has been vacant for nearly a decade, says the house was designed by the Canadian Architectural Association, and was designed with a landscape perspective of forest ridge.

“The Forest Ridge home is designed to be viewed from a variety of perspectives, including a forest riven landscape, natural water features, and open spaces,” the listing reads.

“It has been designed with an open floor plan and multiple outdoor spaces, so that the home can be used as a family living space, or as an outdoor studio or office.”

The listing is for the house on the west side of the Ridges Creek subdivision, which sits at a point where Lake Ontario meets Lake Huron, and is the property of the Lakehead Development Corporation.

According to the listing, the family, who have been staying at the home for the past five years, had a number of pets, including two cats, a puppy, and a small dog.

The house is listed for $300,000, with an asking price of $250,000.

The Ranges is a small village that sits along Lake Hurons shores, about 25 kilometres west of the city of Kingston.

The Forest Ridge subdivision includes two properties.

One is on the property where the family lived for 15-years, and the other is a large two-level home that houses two families.

The land on which the Forest Ridge property sits is located about 400 metres from the Lake HurON shoreline.

The home was designed as a home with a large front yard and large front entrance, and it was designed to have an open kitchen with a fireplace, as well as a full bath, an outdoor deck, and an outdoor living room with a view of the lake.

The family lived there for 15+ years, according the listing.


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