The history of the lakes and forests that make up Michaux State Forest

In a country where land ownership is still a central tenet of the social and political landscape, the Michaux National Forest is the last of a group of forests that are still owned by the state government. 

Michaux State has no formal forest management system, but rather has an informal and voluntary one that involves local governments, the state department of natural resources, and private landowners. 

The forest has been managed in this way for decades, with the state’s two biggest cities, New Delhi and Mumbai, each with its own forest. 

According to the state, the forest is protected by the Indian Wildlife Protection Act of 1997 and is managed in accordance with the conservation plans set out by the National Wildlife Management Council (NWMC) and the National Green Council. 

In recent years, however, some of the areas in which the forest covers have become popular tourist attractions, prompting the local government to make a series of concessions to attract tourists. 

As a result, many of the forested areas are now home to small tourist attractions and, at the same time, there is a growing problem of erosion, particularly in the Lake Forest Academy area, which is located in the heart of the city. 

“As of the end of July, the number of visitors visiting the Lake Academy increased from 7,000 to 12,000 a day,” said G.S. Meena, secretary, Michaux Forest, in a statement to the Hindustan Times. 

But the lake forest is in decline, with many of its wetlands having lost over 80 percent of their area since 2000, according to a study by the NGO The Forest Institute of India (FTI). 

The decline of the lake forests is in part due to changes in the land use policies and the erosion of the land, which has resulted in the loss of biodiversity. 

When the city of New Delhi acquired the lake, the area was leased from the state of Maharashtra for the use of the municipal corporation, but the city has since lost the lake to the forest.

“We are concerned that these forests, which have been used for so long for recreation, have been lost,” said Thane Bhagwati, head of the Michaulas Forest Advisory Committee (MFCAC).

“There are many places where they have lost their biodiversity, including the Lake forest academy,” he added. 

It is a problem that is being exacerbated by the introduction of new roads that have damaged the land. 

Several of the local governments in the area have been planning to re-establish the lake with a new plan for the lake. 

These plans have been approved by the provincial government and the city is now considering whether to move forward with a plan to reclamation of the area. 

Some locals have even threatened to boycott the lake if the plans are not approved. 

However, the new plans are set to be approved in April. 

 The government has also decided to rezone the lake in order to attract tourism. 

There are also plans to create a protected forest reserve that will cover the area of the Lake Lake Forest academy. 

Meanwhile, several local residents are worried about the erosion that has taken place in the forest and its potential impact on the surrounding lake.

In order to preserve the forests environment, the Forest Commission of India has asked the city to develop a plan for reclamation and conservation. 

Many locals also worry that if the forest does not recover, there will be a huge loss of jobs and livelihoods. 

At the same, it is also the case that tourism and other activities are now coming to the area and, if tourism is not curtailed, many locals are worried that the forest will also lose its biodiversity.

The Forest Commission has asked Michaux to develop conservation plans to protect the lake and its wetlands and to create protected areas around the area for tourism.

It has also asked the council to review the existing plans and to decide if it is time to move ahead with the reclamation plans.


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