How to sell your farm in 2019

If you’re looking to sell a farm, there are a few things you need to know.


Landowners who buy from an agency will get a discounted price The first thing to understand is that buyers are paying more for their property than they are paying for their services.

Landowners who sell their property to a farm are getting a discount on the price.

It’s a different thing if you’re selling your property to an agent.

The first thing you need is a property title appraisal.

You’ll need to submit the property’s land-use permit application and the land-management plan, including your application’s land values and the cost of acquiring the property.

When you’re ready to sell, contact an agent who will review your property’s application and provide you with a copy of the appraisal.

You’ll then have the option of bidding on your property, or letting it go for a discounted amount.

If you’re buying your property from an agent, they’ll typically accept the sale.


Land owners who buy their property from a private buyer will be entitled to a higher appraisal than if they sold to a private seller If a buyer pays you $1,000 for the property and you sell it for $2,000, you’re entitled to an appraisal of $2.3 million (not including any costs for moving).

You can apply for a lower appraisal if you need a more accurate assessment.


You should be able to sell the property for $1.2 million if the buyer paid you a lower price than if the seller paid you $3 million, and you have more than one buyer for the same property.


The appraiser who gives you the higher appraisal must report the difference between the appraised value and the sale price to the state of Washington Land Use Commission.


Land buyers will have to pay the State of Washington’s property taxes.

But if you don’t pay any property taxes, the property will go to the county where you live.


You can sell your property for more than $1 million.


If you buy a property for less than $3.5 million, you can sell it to the seller at the sale’s original market value.

The seller will then pay the county tax.

The buyer can deduct any money paid.


If your property sells for more, you may have to sell it. 9.

It’s legal to sell at a discount if the sale is in the name of the state.


You must keep the appraiser’s report on file with the state for 10 years.


Land is fungible.

You’re not allowed to sell land at a loss to someone else.


If a buyer wants to move, they must pay the property taxes on the land and have the property appraised and sold.


The county will send you a letter warning you about the property tax payments.


You have to keep the land appraised, and the county will pay for the taxes.

You may have trouble finding a real estate agent who has that experience.


You will have a right to appeal a land sale if the county is found to be wrong in its appraisal. 


The landowner must maintain their right to sell their land to anyone who wants to buy it.


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