FourFourMichaux State Forest: New photos from a week of wildflowers

Posted September 15, 2018 08:02:54Michaues State Forest, located in the middle of the Ozarks, is home to some of the largest, most diverse and most spectacular landscapes in Arkansas.

Located in the Ozark Mountain Range, the state’s most active mountain region, the area is also home to a number of other wildflower meadows and forests, including the Black Forest and the Michaux Forest.

While the Munchas are a major tourist attraction, this year marks the 40th anniversary of the establishment of the first Muncha Village.

In addition to being the home of the Muntas, the village also includes a host of wildlife, including mountain lions, owls, deer and a variety of birds. 

Munchas State Forest was the site of an important landmark ceremony on September 13, 1970, when the first Black Forest was established. 

In the photo below, you can see the Black River on the left side of the picture, the Black Rock on the right, and the Black Mountain on the far right. 

As you can tell from the picture on the next page, the surrounding areas are also covered in blackberry bushes and trees.

The Munchans first forest, the Murtas, was established in 1854.

The Black Forest is believed to be the oldest active forest in the state, and is located on the east bank of the Black Creek.

This area is known as the Black Hills of the state. 

 In 2017, a group of Munchaus took part in the first day of the annual Munchan Tree Lighting Ceremony, which took place at the Blackwood Grove.

In 2018, the ceremony was held again. 

The Black Hills have a wide variety of plants and animals that are native to the area.

For example, the blackberry bush is native to Munchaux State Park and is the only native plant in the area that is used for cooking, baking, or in the traditional food of the tribe. 

While the Black Mountains are a very special place, the landscape in the Black Woods is quite spectacular. 

Some of the more spectacular views from this vantage point can be seen in the photo on the very right.


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