‘It’s a tragedy’: Families of ‘unbelievable’ death of former ‘forester’ still searching for missing person

A father of one of India’s ‘unprovoked’ forest fire victims, who disappeared after his farm was destroyed in a forest fire in 1920, has described the death of his son and a woman from the same year as ‘unthinkable’.

“My son died when his farm in the forest was destroyed,” said Suresh Purohit, who died in 2009 aged 78.

We want to know what happened.” “

We have no answers.

We want to know what happened.”

Forest fires have claimed more than 500 lives in India in recent years, with many more people injured or killed in forest fires that have burned out of control in recent months.

Last month, an unprecedented series of forest fires burnt out of hand, destroying more than 80 per cent of the country’s forests.

The country’s forest department has said that the fires have devastated hundreds of hectares of forest in the Himalayas and surrounding states.

But in recent weeks, some families of the missing people have claimed they have received a letter saying the bodies of two women, identified only as Gopal and Nisha, have been found in the wreckage of their farm in a remote forest in India’s central Ganga delta region.

Their bodies were discovered on March 7, 2021, near the village of Kankha village in a district of Madhya Pradesh state, near a forest that has been burning for more than a year.

At the time, forest officials said that they did not have the details of the two women’s deaths and were working on the matter.

Gopal and the other woman are believed to have been abducted in the village by a man in his 20s.

According to Sureshr Purohit, his wife Nisha’s mother was the first to reach him in a hospital after he was taken by a truck to a remote village where she told him the two had been abducted.

However, his mother told him later that she did not know where the two were taken, and that he was alone in the remote village with a local farmer, the Purohas said.

Suresh, who is also a retired forest ranger, has spent the last eight years investigating the case.

He is one of a group of more than 50 investigators who have searched the area, including the local police, to locate the missing women, and has found traces of charcoal that was used in their fire to fuel the fire.

When he was contacted by The Times in July, he said he had started to plan a large-scale search of the area for the missing and that the search would not stop until the two missing women were found.

In January this year, a team of investigators finally succeeded in finding their location and their bodies in the debris of the fire destroyed by the fires.

One of the women, named Nisha and the second woman, Gopal, who has not been named, have both been identified.

Both of them were from a well-known family in Kankhali village.

A group of investigators working on a larger-scale investigation, including a forensic anthropologist, have spent more than six months searching the area.


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