Which of the four biggest wildlife hotspots in Illinois is most threatened by wildfires?

The four most dangerous wildlife hotspot areas in Illinois include Lake Forest Illinois, Sequoia National Forest, Lake Huron National Forest and Eldorado National Forest.

The Illinois Department of Natural Resources (DNR) has reported more than 100 wildfires burning in Illinois this year.

The state has reported the most fires in the country, with about 3,000 hectares of land in danger of being destroyed, according to the National Fire Protection Association.

The latest data from the DNR shows there are more than 2,400 wildfires burning across the state this year, with the most destructive fires being in Lake Forest Illinois, Sequolian National Forest in North Dakota and Lake Hurons national forest in North Carolina.

It is also worth noting that Illinois is in a drought, meaning wildfires have burned more land than any other state in the U.S. According to DNR, Lake Forest has been the most active in the last two months, with up to 50 fires burning in the area.

On Wednesday, the DNF said the lake is the most affected area, with at least 662 wildfires burning, which is an increase from the same time last year when there were just 50 fires.

It has also been a hot month for wildfires, with temperatures in the high 80s at times.

In the Chicago area, the most recent heat wave has been particularly brutal, with several fires burning across Illinois and the Chicago metro area.

In May, the Chicago Tribune reported on the extent of the heat wave in the region, with water in the city rising up to more than 110 degrees Fahrenheit in some areas.

The city’s water supply is also on fire, with more than half of the city’s residential water supply at or below normal levels.

Firefighters have also been on the front lines of the fires, with DNR reporting that there have been 2,000 firefighting calls across the State of Illinois this week alone.

The DNR also reported that there were more than 300 fires burning this month, with over 2,500 hectares of forests being affected.

According in the DNI, fires in Illinois have damaged or destroyed at least 5,000 structures and more than $6 billion worth of property.

The number of wildfires has also increased dramatically this year in the United States.

As of March 25, the number of fires was at a record high, according the DNS.

The National Interagency Fire Center reports that there are nearly 1.3 million wildfires in the entire U. S. at this time, according DNR.

According the DNNC, there are over 6.8 million fires in total across the country.

The fires are most frequently caused by lightning, but also by other natural causes, including drought and extreme weather events.

Fire activity is a major driver of climate change.

The U.N. Climate Change Conference has predicted that the fire season will be longer and hotter this year than it has ever been.

While most of the states have experienced extreme heat, Illinois has seen a steady rise in the number and severity of wildfires this year that has led to the extreme heat.

In addition, temperatures have been higher than normal in the Chicago metropolitan area.

It could be months before the fire danger becomes fully contained, according in the Illinois DNR report.

Fire danger is also rising in the south.

In southern Illinois, the numbers of wildfires have increased by nearly 80% compared to the same period last year.

In 2016, there were about 865 fires burning on the Illinois state line, according data from DNR and the University of Illinois.

The most recent numbers for 2017 show there are 1,099 fires burning that is up by more than 10% compared with 2016.

The fire season has also begun to change, with a slight decrease in fire activity in recent weeks.

However, it is important to remember that the number still is a very small fraction of the total fire activity across the U-S.

There are currently about 7.3 billion hectares of forested land in the state of Illinois, which has more than 22,000 fires.

According DNR data, there have already been 3,865 fires on the state’s surface.

The total area of forest in Illinois, as of March 31, 2017 was 6,988,000 square miles, according a report from the UPI.

That represents about 13% of the state.

The majority of the fire areas in the South are located in the mountains.

The report noted that while the overall fire activity is increasing in the northern and southern states, the overall wildfire activity is still decreasing.

The Northern Plains of Illinois is the state with the largest number of counties that have been affected by the fire weather this year compared to last year, the report said.

The southern and central regions of the country are also seeing increased fire activity.

In total, more than 50,000 counties have been impacted by


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