How to save $200,000 by installing a solar-powered water heater

Posted September 12, 2018 07:51:04 A homeowner’s solar-charged water heater can save him or her up to $200 a year on water bills, thanks to the power of a battery and the power-saving properties of the water itself.

The water heater was designed by homeowner and solar-systems engineer Michael C. Boggs, who uses the water heater to heat his home’s water supply.

Boggs built the water heating unit on his own.

It’s powered by a battery that uses sunlight to recharge a battery pack.

As the water is heated, the solar cells on the front of the unit generate electricity and transfer that electricity to the solar panels, which use the energy to charge the water tank.

This system uses only one battery pack, which can power the water supply for three hours.

When the water reaches the end of the boilers, it is then cooled, and the water evaporates, Bogg of Bogg’s Solar Water Hose System explains.

Using the solar water heater, a homeowner can heat up to a maximum of 200 square feet of water.

“The water that’s inside of the heater, it’s cool, it doesn’t run hot, it cools down,” Bogg told CNN.

“It can be used for washing dishes, cooking, drinking, bathing, bathing with water, it just keeps on cooling down and cooling down.

It’s so good for us, it makes our life a lot easier.”

Bogs Solar Water Heater uses only two solar panels.

For the last 20 years, he has been building a new water heater on his property.

His current unit uses a solar panel and a battery to heat water. 

He uses this system to heat the water and the system also uses a battery. 

Bogg says his home is one of the first in North America that can use a solar powered water heater.

He also uses the system to power his electric car, which is now on its second battery, and has been making money since it was introduced last year.

 “The price of water in the U.S. is $1.00 per gallon,” Bogs said.

“If I could just get my water heater working, that would be fantastic.”

Bogg’s project is just one of many to make solar power a reality for people.

In June, California Governor Gavin Newsom signed legislation into law that allows the use of solar-generated electricity for water heaters.

Currently, there are more than 50 states with renewable-energy mandates, according to a study by the Energy Information Administration.

There are also a growing number of cities in the United States that are investing in solar-power technology.

California, New York and New Jersey have all been ranked among the top 20 solar-energy producers by the EIA.

Solar energy is a growing industry in California, with a projected market of $21.5 billion by 2021, according the California Solar Energy Association.

Other cities that have embraced the solar industry include Philadelphia, New Jersey, Los Angeles and San Francisco. 

California is also home to the first solar power station in the country.

After installing the solar-generator, a customer can now turn on the water heat for up to eight hours at a time. 

The solar-solar-powered heater will be available for about $300 a month.

A solar-based water heater will cost about $600 a year, according a company spokesperson.


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