How to avoid a wrecking ball from Subaru Forester, River River

Subaru has announced that it will offer the latest models with “subaru” in their names in the UK, Australia, Canada, New Zealand and the US.

The company says it is doing so because the Forester and Forester SE, which it calls its new models, will become available from the end of June.

“We’re very excited to introduce our new Forester model lineup and the Foresters SE, the first of which, the Forets and Forets Prime, will be available from our dealers across the UK and the USA,” said Matt Wood, Subaru UK product manager, in a statement.

“We’ve always wanted to introduce a new model to our customers but we’re now confident that we can provide a new level of performance and reliability.”

Subaru says the new models will include “suburban performance”, “sport” and “touring” models.

“The new models are built on the same core platform as the Forests and Forests Prime and offer the best in passenger experience, with features such as sport and touring performance and a redesigned cabin,” said Wood.

The announcement is based on recent reports from Consumer Reports and The Consumer Reports Consumer Mobile app that showed a significant improvement in the cars performance compared to previous models.

Subaru says that the Foreks and Foreks Prime will be the first models to arrive in the US and the UK in June.

“With the introduction of the Forez, we have also announced that we will be making the Foreza available to US and UK customers on the 12th June,” said Doug Luscombe, president of the Subaru Group of North America, in an email.

“In the US, Forez will be offered in four trim levels with four models, with the most affordable offering in the Premium and Sport trim levels,” he added.

“All the models will have a fuel-saving option for the rear seats and the rear cargo area, which will reduce the number of rear-end collisions that occur with each vehicle.”

Subaru also says that it is offering its latest model, the Subie, in the new Foresters, the last generation of which came out in 2017.

Subaru will sell the Forey, which is its flagship model, in three trim levels, with its most expensive offering in a Limited trim level.

It will also introduce a range of new models to the Foreys, including the Forestar, the Subaru Legacy, and the Subaru Impreza.

“Subaru is looking forward to introducing the latest in performance, comfort and features in the Forex and Forez vehicles,” said Lusborough.


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