How to stop the California wildfire spread

It’s not the first time a wildfire has crossed into the Willamette National Forest.

In January of this year, firefighters battling the El Niño weather event found an illegal fire burning in a private property.

But the latest blaze is not a legal fire, and it’s not an illegal structure, either.

The Willametas have never had an issue with illegal structures on their land, but this one seems to have crossed the line.

The fire is now burning in the same property as the former ranch home of one of the property’s founders, according to the sheriff’s office.

The property owner, Bill Pappas, was a real estate developer who purchased the ranch for $15 million back in 2003.

His daughter, Michelle Pappes, said in a statement that she was devastated to learn of the incident.

“I am deeply saddened to hear that my father, Bill, has been killed by a fire,” she said.

“We are all devastated by his loss and I will miss him dearly.

My prayers are with his family and friends.

I will not rest until justice is served.”

The ranch burned down in January, and was purchased by the owner’s wife, Jennifer Pappans.

The family said they were in a “mutual agreement” to sell the property to a company that will turn the property over to the county.

The property is owned by the Willams.

They said in their statement that the Pappases “will work with the local government to find a way to provide security for the community.”

“We will continue to keep our family and community safe and secure.”

The county says the fire has burned more than 5,000 acres.


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