Microsoft says its new $400 Surface Pro will get $300 more from Apple

Microsoft’s new Surface Pro laptop has gotten a $300 upgrade from its predecessor, the Surface Pro 2.

The upgrade comes with a few new bells and whistles, such as a more powerful CPU, a 4K display, and a faster Intel Core i7 processor.

But Microsoft has kept a couple of key features that have been missing from the original Surface Pro: the $400 price tag.

Microsoft has announced a new Surface Studio Pro laptop for $300, but the Surface Studio 2 is still available for $400.

The Surface Studio 4 has gotten an upgrade from the Surface 3 to the Surface Laptop, but it’s still priced at $400, and it’s not a great value for $350.

The $400 upgrade is pretty steep, and Microsoft’s going to have to sell a lot more units than the $300 base price to get that price down to $300.

Microsoft’s got a lot of competition in the Surface line, and the Surface PRO 2 is the only laptop that can compete with the $600 Surface Pro.

If Microsoft’s been able to squeeze $300 out of the Surface 2 and Surface Pro laptops, that’s a big deal.


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