How to build a community from scratch

A community isn’t a place that exists overnight, but it can become one if a person can start to identify with its core values and act upon them, says Woodberry Forest School principal Chris Bunn.

In a community, Bunn says, “there’s a sense of purpose and connection.

It has a feeling of belonging.

That’s really what we’re looking for in our students.”

Bunn is referring to a unique, and very different, approach to building a community.

His students at Woodberry are a mixture of students who come from diverse backgrounds, from students from the South and Midwest to students from Asian countries and all sorts of backgrounds.

“The students that we’re working with are coming from different backgrounds, different classes, different socioeconomic backgrounds,” he said.

“We try to find a way to have a shared experience.”

To build a thriving community, students must identify with the community, but they can also learn how to identify and share the values that make up a community and how to share that with others, Binn said.

This approach, which is also known as community development, allows students to “find themselves” in a community while simultaneously building community within their own community.

The students are taught by professionals who are also connected to the community.

The Woodberry Community Development Center, located at 1020 West State Road, is the first residential, non-profit, community building organization in the state.

It is part of the Woodberry Elementary School District and is the only one of its kind in the region.

“They have a tremendous commitment to what they’re doing,” said Laura Hirsch, the director of the community development center.

“They’re all really dedicated to what it’s doing.”

Bunny hopes to bring the same model to the state, though he is cautious about it.

The state is on track to spend nearly $1 billion on new schools and other public facilities by 2020, he said, and the federal government will be providing $4.7 billion in federal funds for public schools.

Bunn said he has heard concerns from his students about federal spending, but he believes it will be good for students and for the state to have those conversations.

“When you talk about public education and we’ve got all of these federal dollars, I think that it’s going to be really important for us to have these conversations,” he told The Hill.

“It’s something we can have a conversation about.

It’s going be really helpful for the students and I think we can all benefit from it.”

But for now, Woodberry’s students are focused on building a more holistic and supportive community.

“This is something that we can’t do by ourselves,” said freshman Kaitlin Lee, who came to the Woodberries with her father, who was diagnosed with cancer.

“I just want to be a part of it and help the students to grow and make a better community.”


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