The story of the wake forest

In a nutshell, the Wake Forest National Park is one of the most biodiverse areas in Australia, home to a variety of native and introduced species.

There’s the blue-and-white striped cat, the rare black and white cormorant and the red-and auburn cormoran.

And there are a few rare and unique species such as the rare red-breasted tree frog.

“The idea is to have these wild animals on these forests so we can have a real conversation about how to manage them,” Ms Macpherson said.

“We are just looking for ways to make the landscape more sustainable.”

The wake forest is a rare area of forest with very little human activity and is the largest protected area in Australia.

The area is home to about 60 species of birds, 30 mammals and some fish.

It’s also home to rare animals such as koalas, white-faced jackals and a rare brown tree frog (Rhinoporus morrisoni).

“It’s a very unique environment, and it’s one that’s been overlooked for so long,” Ms Mcpherson says.

“In the early 20th century it was a big part of the landscape and a very biodiverse place.”

Ms Macpherson says the region is a perfect fit for her project because the Wake forest has such a low population density.

“It just has so much biodiversity and it has so many wildlife species,” she said.

“I think it’s such an important place for wildlife in general.

It is such a great place to study and to work in.”

Ms Mcphersons project has a focus on saving the wake forests for the next generation of scientists.

“They’re one of those areas that are so small and so rare,” she says.

She’s hoping the program will help inspire future generations to study their local forest and to create a more sustainable future for the region. “

That’s why we’re doing the research, to understand that process and see how we can help the future generations.”

She’s hoping the program will help inspire future generations to study their local forest and to create a more sustainable future for the region.

“This is a really special place that we’ve been living in, for so many generations,” she told AM.

“But I think we can be better than that.”

The Wake Forest national park is home of some rare species, including the rare blue-breast frog.



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