The forest service has launched a new ‘Forest Trees’ app, which can be used to send data back to the internet, report claims

The Forest Service has launched its new ‘forest trees’ app which can help it send data to the Internet in the event of a tree felling.

Forest service says the app will be a tool for those who need to receive more accurate information, like tree fall locations, the number of dead trees and tree fall damage.

The app can also be used by residents to record any tree felled and also allow them to upload logs and videos to the app.

The app will also give local authorities access to the logs.

In the event a tree falls on a public or private property, the forest service will be able to retrieve and send out data from the device.

“The app will allow us to help the Forest Service get to know you better and give you the information you need in the future, so that you can make better decisions about your property,” said a Forest Service spokesperson in a statement.

The app is expected to be available in the coming months.

More:Forest Service’s website says the new app “provides a simple, intuitive way to collect and send data, which includes the tree fall location, the extent of damage, and the number and type of dead or downed trees.”

In an earlier statement, the Forest service said the app would be “part of our broader efforts to improve the safety and efficiency of the Forest’s service”.

“The Forest service is working closely with all of the major stakeholders, including the local communities, to ensure the app is safe and reliable,” the statement said.

(Fetch the app here: forest trees app)More: The Forest Service’s ‘Forest trees’ mobile app (app here:


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