Forest grove: Trees that are not for the faint of heart, but still feel alive

Forest groves are a favorite of wildlife photographers, and it’s not just because they look beautiful.

They’re also rich in biodiversity, with a variety of species found nowhere else on earth.

Forest groves also offer habitat for birds, mammals and fish.

The Forest Groves National Park covers 2,743 square miles (5,664 square kilometers), which includes the grove of El Toro on the northern edge of the park, and the forest of Pacheco in the southern part.

With only 2.5 percent of the land covered, the forest is home to more than 6,000 species of birds, including many of the world’s rarest and most endangered species.

These are some of the species found in the forest grove, including the white-tailed hawk and the red-tailed hawse.

Forest grove park, El Toro, Mexico.

Forestgrove park.

Forest forest forest groves.

Forestwood grove.

Forestforest groves in the northern part of the country.

Forestwoods forest forestwood forest grooves, Mexico and Guatemala.

Forest trees.

Forest tree forest trees.

Tree forest trees in the desert.

Forest canopy.

Forest-filled forests are home to a diverse array of birds.

A pair of red-throated warblers fly in the trees at El Toro.

Forest in the jungle.

Trees that have lost their leaves.

Birds in the forests.

Forest forests in the south.

Forested areas of the forest.

Creekside bird habitat.

A tree in the wilderness.

Elder birds in a tree.

Huge trees in El Toro forest.

Forest and forest forests are full of trees.

The El Toro grove in Mexico. 

Forest forest groving, MexicoForest grooves.

Forest woodland groves, Mexico, Guatemala and the United States.

Forest green.

An elk tree.

Foresty forest.


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