Subaru Forester SRT8 Review: A ‘Supercar’ and a ‘Super-Truck’

2017 Subaru Foresters have a lot of personality and history, and the 2015 Subaru Foresteer SRT line is no exception.

When it comes to styling, the Forester Sportback is a great little car, with plenty of personality to go around.

But its not just the styling that makes it great, it’s the powertrain and performance.

The Subaru Foresterer SRT6 was one of the first new models released for the 2016 model year, and has been a huge success.

This was a big leap forward from the SRT4, which came with a 1.5-liter turbocharged V6 engine, a six-speed manual transmission, and an automatic transmission.

While the Foresters SRT1 and SRT3 both came with the same engine, the Sportback came with an even more powerful 1.7-liter, turbocharged inline-six.

This was the first inline-four in the world, and was a very powerful engine for its time.

It was also the first car in the Subaru lineup to have a turbocharged, six-cylinder engine.

The engine was tuned to handle the car’s powerful V6 powerplant, which was much better than the older 1.6-liter V6 engines from the previous generation.

In addition to the new engine, there was also a new, higher-performance version of the V6 called the V8.

The Sportback version was equipped with a six speed manual transmission and was also called the Sport-R.

But the SRE6 was not the first to use the V-8, as Subaru also introduced the Sportwagon and the Sport2.

This is because the Sportbase version was called the SST1.

Subaru’s Sportwagon was a small, four-door hatchback with a 5.6 litre V8 engine.

This powerplant was tuned for comfort and efficiency, and it was the standard engine on the Sportbacks, Sportsters, and Sport2s.

It also had an automatic manual transmission.

This automatic transmission, known as the “Sport Shift” system, was a first for the Subaru line.

This system was used by the SSA lineup of vehicles, but was discontinued with the new Sportwagon.

Like the SportShift, the automatic transmission also came with six-speeds and was known as “SportShift 2.”

While Subaru used the Sportshift system for the Forests SRT5 and SRE4, the system was only available on the Foresterers.

And, just like the Sport Shift, the transmission had a six point, four speed shift ratio, which means the car has a 5:4 ratio in the front and 4:3 in the rear.

There was no sport-specific suspension, which meant that the rear wheels were much more limited, but Subaru didn’t make this bad choice because it didn’t need to.

The SportShift 2 had the same suspension as the SportBase model, and both models were equipped with four-wheel independent suspension.

It also had a four-point, four speeds shift ratio.

The SRT model, SRT-5, was the last Subaru model to use Subaru’s SportShift system, and this was because Subaru wanted to make the Sportsteers more of a crossover vehicle than a sports car.

The Foresters SportSteer was not a sporty car, but the Foresteers SRT had plenty of character.

Its the first and only model in the line to have an all-wheel drive system, which allowed the driver to shift the steering wheel with a single lever.

Subaru did not make the S-Steer, but instead, the STE-4, a more-powerful four-seater with a larger four-cylinders.

For more information on Subaru, check out our SRT and Sportsteer pages.


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