Why bear cubs don’t care about politics

Posted September 23, 2018 10:00:59It is the third time in three months a bear cub has attacked a person, with a bear also breaking into a home in the area and breaching a wall.

Key points:”They are very aggressive.

They get very aggressive with people.

They can get up to people, grab them by the collar,” Ms Lefebvre said.”

It’s very unusual for them to attack someone like that.”

Bear cubs are a protected species in Canada and the US and are often kept as pets.

They are not protected under federal law, but can be euthanased if they injure humans.

The couple’s two children, aged four and four years, were also attacked by a bear on Tuesday, Ms Lebvre told 7.30.

“They were terrified.

I don’t think they realised they were going to be hurt,” she said.

The family had taken the cubs into the woods to play with them, she said, but the cub attacked them.

Ms Lefemre said she did not believe the attack was intentional, but she believed it was a sign of the bears’ growing aggression.

“We’re worried about their safety,” she added.

“If they were injured or hurt, they would have died.”

The couple is now looking to adopt the cub and try to return it to the wild.

The bear cub had also broken into a family home in north-eastern Arnhem Land, and Ms Lecours husband said he was “a bit nervous”.

“They had broken through a door,” he said.

He said he would not be letting his kids out of their home for the night.

“I’ve got my wife and children in the house and I’m worried,” he added.

He was concerned about the safety of the family.

“My kids are very frightened of the bear, but I don


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