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Forest officials urge conservationists to use the new rules to protect forests

AUSTIN — A federal judge has ordered the Forest Service to use new guidelines for conserving the Allegheny National Forest.Forest Commissioner Mark Osterberg and Forest Service Director David F. Bales issued the order Thursday after the two sides agreed to a three-year deadline for the new guidelines.The Forest Service issued

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How to build a community from scratch

A community isn’t a place that exists overnight, but it can become one if a person can start to identify with its core values and act upon them, says Woodberry Forest School principal Chris Bunn.In a community, Bunn says, “there’s a sense of purpose and connection.It has a feeling of

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Why you should care about the Amazon’s ‘frozen’ forests

“A lot of the forest that’s gone in the last 30 years is in very deep, very, very cold areas.There’s no rainforest there, and the forest’s not as good as it could be.So the whole thing is a disaster zone.” “And there are a lot more fires going on, there

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Which Forester’s name is right for the next generation?

By Nick ZieglerPublished November 08, 2018 12:57AMSTANDING at Lake Forest High School, a school district in suburban Chicago, is the forest-clad campus where a class of 6-year-olds is learning to protect the forest.But a new project by the district, the Forest Park Foundation, is bringing the school’s most famous forest-dwelling

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How To Find The Best Lake Forest Apartment For You

You can’t really find an apartment in Lake Forest unless you live there, and this one is no exception.It’s an apartment with a big backyard that overlooks Lake Forest.This place has lots of room and is just perfect for a single person who needs some extra space for a summer

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When you want to enjoy the wilderness in a way you can’t in your own home

The Oregon National Forest is the most popular destination for backpackers, but it’s not always the most accessible.That’s where the Wilderness Campers program comes in.The Wilderness Camps program provides a number of different campsites and camping options for families and groups.Camping is limited to the area in the Forest River

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Elfin Forest and Croatan National Forest: The Latest on the Haunted Forest

Last week, an Elfin forest and Croatican National Forest were declared as being closed for human and wildlife activity due to human activity.The Elfin National Forest has been listed as a national monument since 1986 and the Croatan national Forest has become a UNESCO World Heritage site.Both forests are in

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What to do when a Walmart wake forest is a black forest

Walmart woke up this morning with a forest and everything else covered in black.A Walmart employee, who spoke to ABC News by phone from his home in Florida, said he woke up and found the entrance to the wake forest sealed off by Walmart security.Walmart says the forest is part

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