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The forest service has launched a new ‘Forest Trees’ app, which can be used to send data back to the internet, report claims

The Forest Service has launched its new ‘forest trees’ app which can help it send data to the Internet in the event of a tree felling.Forest service says the app will be a tool for those who need to receive more accurate information, like tree fall locations, the number of

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Bamboo forest in Michigan is one of the biggest in the country

A vast forest of bamboo and cedar forests stands at the edge of a small village in Michigan, a National Forest map shows.Bamboo and cedars were the most important forest species in the state before the advent of modern logging and logging operations, the National Forest said in a statement.“This

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What you need to know about the forest crisis

A $1.9bn-worth of new forest is being created on the West Coast of Queensland, where the state’s economic boom is at its peak, and it’s bringing new jobs.But a report from the Australian Council of Agricultural Economics warns that the economic benefits of new land will come at a significant

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A chocolate cake with chocolate and hazelnuts

A chocolate chocolate cake made with hazelnut flour and chocolate chips has been created by a London bakery.The cake was made in collaboration with the Black Forest Conservancy in Sierra Leone.The recipe is called Hazelnut Chocolate and Hazelnut Nut Flour Cake.The Black Forest National Park is one of the most

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How to stop the California wildfire spread

It’s not the first time a wildfire has crossed into the Willamette National Forest.In January of this year, firefighters battling the El Niño weather event found an illegal fire burning in a private property.But the latest blaze is not a legal fire, and it’s not an illegal structure, either.The Willametas

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How to get in shape for your next camping trip

When you’re planning a camping trip to the great outdoors, it’s important to be able to pack and get into the right gear.Here’s how to pack for a great trip and stay healthy in the process.1.Get the right amount of gearYou can always find good camping gear on the internet,

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How to make your own Disney forest products

By the time you read this article, you probably have some forest products in your fridge.But don’t fret, because the best way to make them is to make the stuff yourself.Here’s how.1.Use the Right Ingredients to Make the Best Fruits and Vegetables Ever The first step is to buy what

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How to find your next trip to Talladega National Forest

Talladego National Forest is located in southeastern Alabama, near Mobile, Alabama.It is located about 120 miles (193 kilometers) north of the city of Mobile.The park is a popular tourist destination and includes the world-famous Chattahoochee River and the famous “Sandy Mountain.”In fact, the park was named one of the world’s

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